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Financing Options

Let it rain abundance!

Pay In Full

If you choose to pay for the machine in full, you will be directed to the Enagic website to checkout.

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover).
Personal Check

Ask the person who referred you for their ID# when checking out.

3rd Party Financing

Our most popular choice! You apply for a credit card to pay for your machine. A card you then use to pay for the machines and then you pay off the card.

For moderate and above credit (600 and above).
0% interest (This may depend on the credit card you chose).
No down payment
Between $45-$100/Month

Enagic Financing - Down Payment

Depending on which machine model you pick, the down payments and monthly payments range.

No Interest & No Credit Check.
6-24 Month Plans.
Between $900-$1,400 down depending on which machine you choose.
Between $150-$720/month.
$10/month processing fee (included in monthly payment).