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Conscious Bottle Care

Conscious Bottle Care

Thank you for being the change and committing to using a reusable Conscious Bottle!

Once received, please look over your order to ensure it has arrived in good condition and is free of any defects or damages. If you find your products contain damage or defect please take photo documentation immediately and reference our Return policy for further information.

Conscious bottle is not responsible for providing returns, exchanges or replacements for merchandise that arrives in good condition and is damaged due to customer use.

How to properly care for your Conscious Bottle:
•    Conscious bottles are made with high quality glass and should always be handled with care.
•    We recommend cleaning the inside and outside of your bottle before first use.
•    We recommend washing your bottle with warm soapy water and a gentle bottle brush (remove the cap when washing)
•    If you are experiencing stains or deposits on your bottle from filling it with liquids other than water, we suggest washing your bottle with a white vinegar and warm water solution.
•    Leave bottle to air dry
•    We recommend storing your bottle with the lid open to prevent unnecessary moisture
•    When filling your bottle, we recommend leaving about an inch of space at the top to account for pressure and temperature changes.
•    Do not overfill your bottle!
•    Do not fill your bottle with a hot beverage or water
•    Do not fill a HOT bottle with a COLD Liquid
•    When leaving you bottle to charge in the sun, we recommend leaving the cap open
•    Do not leave your bottle in direct sunlight for more than 30 minutes
•    If bottle is put in the fridge leave the cap unclasped
•    Do not expose your bottle to sudden temperature changes
•    DO NOT put your bottle in the freezer
•    We recommend investing in a bottle carrier to protect your conscious bottle and for ease of travel and portability.